Using 10+ years of experience in marketing and business operations, we help entrepreneurs and SMBs to be efficient and achieve great things.

we fight the ineffective

digital marketing audit

Over 60% of ads don't get any attention from users. Are you paying for these? Let us analyze your performance marketing campaigns, fix the leaking buckets and work with your team or vendors to make sure you get the best results for your business.​


sales effectiveness audit

Successful sales are a result of great (trained) people, product and process. Over 90% of companies don't get this right. Let's fix your sales process. From analyzing your phases, sales materials and pitch to optimizing use of your CRM and training your sales team.


operations inefficiency audit

Internal inefficiency costs companies 20%-30% of their revenue every year. To fight these you need 3 things: motivated people in well-structured teams, powerful tools and easy-to-follow processes that help your people do better work.


we change BAD to good

  • From generic campaigns to specific targets
  • From misleading numbers to real results
  • From impressions & clicks to conversions & revenue
  • From guesswork to analytics & data-driven decisions
  • From hoping to predictable success
  • From unrealistic quotas to motivated sales teams
  • From competing on price to building value
  • From brochures nobody wants to read to killer pitch decks
  • From ambiguity to clarity
  • From micromanagement to leadership
  • From blame games to accountability
  • From silos to teamwork
  • From losing clients to happy testimonials


Get a training for your team or clients on performance marketing or any of the topics above.

Pick any of the listed topics or contact us for a tailored program.

about jayid
Lukas Krejca at Arabnet

Boutique consultancy company Jayid was founded by Lukas after helping 100s of businesses both in MENA and Europe with digital marketing and building regional offices for international companies. Here is his WHY.

Why i founded jayid

When I decided to leave the last company I worked for,  one of the reasons was that I felt I could do more. More for other people, entrepreneurs and companies. That’s why I started Jayid

My vision, that I am building this company with, is to put together a group of professionals who want to do things the right way. And who want to use our combined experience to help other people who share similar values. 

Together with my partners, we want to help entrerpreneurs and companies succeed in today’s business world. 

Lukas Krejca
Founder of Jayid

what clients like about us

This is what you can expect from working with us:


We are straightforward. You always know how much we charge. If there is something we can't do, we will tell you. We are boutique and we don't pretend to be anything else.

Structured & digital way of workING

Structuring our work means better quality. Using tools like G Suite, Todoist, Freello, etc. means better organization and speed.

full Responsibility & impact

We want to see results from our work. We truly want to improve things. We hate work that has no impact.

Reliability & Trust are the key

We deliver what we promise, when we promise. And we fix it when you're not happy. We do everything possible to earn your trust.


"Provided outstanding support through White Friday and from our collective effort, we have broken every record and have exceeded targets!"
Warrick Godfrey
Regional Marketing Director
"Always comes with new ideas how to improve and scale our online marketing up. With a calm heart, I can recommend him as an ideal partner to companies that know what they want from this kind of cooperation."
Frantisek Rehor
Marketing Manager
"We love how Lukas is flexible and a result-oriented person. He meets all the deadlines and is simply a professional in his field."
Petra Janickova
Business Leaders Forum
"Extremely professional in his presentation. Being part of his class is really an opportunity to learn so many Facebook, Google marketing and many more tips. I would really recommend him as a (Facebook Marketing) Coach."

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